5YRP White Paper

The 5 Year Plan

  • To give the entrepreneur who works from home, who is a street vendor, who is struggling to get his business/idea of the ground a global platform.
  • Create a Marketplace where the fiat in your pocket and  in your bank should not be holding you back from making a success from your career.
  • A market place where users decide what the currency of trade is going to be.
  • At URMarketplace you will be able to use your skills as well as your services any many more as trading pairs.
  • All of these will be fueled by 5YRP.

Q4 2021

  • Establish Bep20 Token 5YRP.


  • Establish Website and create a social media presence.


  • Launch a Private Sale from 1 November 2021 till 30November 2021.


  • Create a pre sale.

Q1 2022

  • Create the Marketplace and set launch date.


  • Add 5YRP to exchanges.


  • Integrate 5YRP as currency into Marketplace and as reward system.

Q2 2022

  •  Grow the global footprint on exchanges to social media platforms to household name. Media Campaign


  • Get 5YRP on more exchanges.


  • Add more trade options on the market place.

Q3 2022

  • Launch Support Token to help fuel the every growing  demand